Fight is not a good thing, I love it when it happens in film, but in real life, I speak to my legs. In a run away for fight, Hussain Bolt can never be my counterpart, he’ll always be behind me.

Lutfy never expected this guy to go for another bottle. Our blog’s correspondent, in his interview with Mr Lutfy was told: immediately he collected the bottle from the guy, he let him out of his hand and ran away like he was going to sit.

Let me pause a bit, Lutfy is not the Eran Riro people think. While he was in secondary school, there was a fight between his school and another. A fierced one, he was crown the champion, due to his unimaginable and outstanding contributions. It was like a battle, I named it, the yerepe street fight.

Yérépé is like a plant in Nigeria, mainly in Yoruba land where I come from, if it comes in contact with your body, you’ll have a dance of your life. The contact don’t always happen mistakenly, it is always deliberate and caused by fight or revenge for something. Coupled with the fact that some of his friends looked for a fetish means. They sha win the battle with Ojoro.

But thank God for his life, he is one of the gentle guys I have met in my life. But his foresight about the guy he let go was not enough. And the fact that he is now a Jogun O’mi, he detests fight, but if you want to bring it on, once a soldier is always a soldier.

Mr bottle went for another; Lutfy was then standing with two other people, discussing how to settle things I think. They reached a quick conclusion then he turned back but to receive a pressing and pressured hit on his fore head. Gbagaun.

It was the thrown bottle aimed at him and scattered all over his face. Then, his face started pumping out hemic. That was how everything became complicated.

Like I said, I am not writing a novel. You could understand what will happen if someone with such a rank in the Union is wounded, having different potholes on his handsome face, already he had a 1-1 tribal mark, blood kept on coming out, in the presence of many students. IJA Igboro. Believe me, I was still on call hearing this film in my brain.

People started submitting clothes to stop the bleeding. The more the cloth, Lutfy’s face kept menstruating. Thanks to all those that help, especially Sheikh Maqama. What can the guys who put up a challenge to students do but run away.

They never made it past Cairo, coz they returned at that spot. Scared of students’ retaliation, so they retreated. Many were very angry and furious about that.

Olohun Y’owon. Why did they go back, they should have come to meet us where we are….. Blablabla… All sorts of words. However, I was very happy they returned. If not, I am sure this issue will be more than this.

What if they break the loovers of a bus or more? What if people are wounded than that, either among them or students. This would have been a very tough unrest for us. It will involve security, I ll need to be going to the station all the time. Even all my 21 years in Nigeria, I have never visited a police station. Why on foriegn soil?

All these happening and we were still in Cairo. Luckily for them, the police travelling with us was in my own bus too. He vowed arresting them on their arrival but they already crawfish their ways.

After their retreat, some good Egyptian came to help, applied some MED’s on Lutfy’s head and the bleeding stopped. Then we had a decorum. After a while, they set to join us. 

He is a tough guy, I knew his face will heal up soon. If you see him now, everything is fine, just like the day prophet Muhammad was stabbed at the battle field, the reporter said, he looked more handsome.

The film didn’t just ended here, a lot happened on the road but I don’t need mention them here. A lot happened in the four different buses, a lady almost broke my jaw for serving her our nice Amala. She is an Igbo lady, what really happened, I ll reveal it soon. 

I won’t tell you this time that I don’t have ink or that paper, in fact, my broken pen is repaired. And it will grace your day next week. Meanwhile, enjoy your week end. Thanks for reading.

©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}