​It was a very long trip. Prior to the day we set for the journey, the plan was to go through the short cut but there was a flood we heard. 

Very funny, a lady wanted to register for the trip but her boss did not want her to leave, we speculated, coz she was the one who brought the news to us firsthand.
Minutes after her call, the bus’s company called to inform us of the same, but their aim was actually to increase their charges. Then, I knew we will be going through Sharm Sheikh. I knew what we will be facing, like I told you, this is my fourth time going to Sinai. 

The first was with Danfodio, imagine a Yoruba gentle boy, travelling alone with 100 Hausas. I was the only Yoruba in the bus, I love Hausas. The second was with NSUE during the regime of my ever buoyant President, Mr. Yusuf Ajadi, the Afobaje of the students, the man i named, Oga Oga. He led the trip of four luxurious buses too, was not an easy task. Before this, was with NSUE again for I am the PRO, but President Abdullah Kajama did not go with us then, coz he was preparing for an exam, he was on this trip organized by Yostaneg with us.

The check points and the delays, words can not describe. There’s nothing as crazy as been delayed and not knowing for what reason. Our co travellers would think, but I know pretty well, what’s going on.

Oh! before talking about that, I am not writing a novel, I was going to talk about the disturbing sound I overheard while on call. This is what happened. Some I witnessed and so I heard.

Every bus has some officials coordinating it and they were instructed not to allow someone who is not in a particular bus get in due to some issues known to the supervising body. That day I respect the Nigerian govt. Just planning a trip, I could not sleep, just a trip lasanlasan. You, just think of how many files in front of them to tackle. Buhari, kudoz to you sir.

The no AC bus stopped, the people in it came down for fresh air. But the fourth bus was still behind. Reaching up to them, the driver stopped to see what was wrong with his colleague. He waited with him so they could leave together when the substitution arrives. Don’t forget it was a long journey we set on.

While that bus stopped, some people came down of the waiting bus, they wanted to greet their friends in the just arrived one, but the officials did not allow them, they were working as instructed.

Passanger: Please let me in.

Official: I am sorry sir, I can’t sir. 

{Just hold on a bit, the person you want to see would be called for you. I believe this would have been the official’s response. For I know him well, his approach to people is outstanding}

This is still good, but a third party came into the conversation. He was sitting in the bus, straight behind the driver and said to the guy who wanted to hop in.

Tiwon ba bi Iya e da. Wole…..

That’s a very big talk, while I was told, I felt like; why, I was not talking to you, even if I was and you want to respond, abuse me not my mother. Well, our anger is different.

Hooooo, I forgot you might not understand the meaning. In a nutshell it means…{if your mum is a true child of her father, come in}. Well, only thugs speak that way.

My mum always tell me, if anyone says to you: Iya e… Don’t fight him. Let him talk, I am fine my boy.

The guy willing to enter replied who abused him with the same word. He is a friend of mine, he shouldn’t have done that. But, he is him and I am me. We are two different people and frankly speaking, I wouldn’t blame him. Then the crusade began.

The guy from the inside threw a plastic bottle of water at the one who replied him, but he was not a good athletes, the water bottle hit someone else. That one couldn’t take it, so he threw it back at him and hit him. I think that was not his first time throwing things.

The guy who started the throwing problem did not behave the way I would have loved, coz he created the scene. Him, along with his gang all rushed down the bus and started a fight with everyone standing. 

I asked: did he smoke weed.

Someone replied me, Yes. In fact, he drank weed.

Scattered like the legs of a tailor on his machine, no one could figure out what happened.

As the out ranking and flanking official, Lutfy was there to witness, he is the vice president of NSUE. He tried all his best to settle the Gidigbo by all means possible with others.

While trying that, he sighted a guy breaking a bottle, I mean glass bottle. Why would someone be so frustrated, fighting with someone of your age or younger than you, then aim stabbing him. I don’t see a sense in that. As a student of law, I know where his home should be. 

Lutfy ran after him. Lemme tell you a bit about Lutfy, I know him well, we live together, nice, kind, respectful and calm. He is a business man and a student. The CEO of Lutjad Global Concept. Just for you to know what set of people Yostaneg is mothering in her trip to Sinai.

Lutfy once learned kongfu, so he has all the systematic style of Jetli. He managed to get the bottle from the guy from behind and throw it away. If he was a bad guy, he would have been the one to stab first. And believe me he would have won, for the trip was more of students. I won’t forget to say he was scrapped with the bottle a bit in his hand, that was a result of neglecting his kongfu training.

Since he got the bottle from jagged guy, he released him, the guy ran away after letting him out. Lutfy thought he was going to sit down. Already the guy who retaliated by throwing the Stone crossed over to the other side of the road. Lol… So na ole u be. This jagged guy was not running away as Lutfy thought, he went for another bottle, and that is how the main issue started. What really bappened? The return of commando.

Why is this ink always finishing. I still have pages left na. Haba… Plz pardon me this one time, I ll make it up to you. I ll forward you the next post personally.

Let’s meet again next week and wrap it all up. Thanks for your always reading.
©Ibraheem {Broken Pen}