My last post on this blog about my trip to Sinai was about my experience then, which and when I decided not to ever visit Sinai again. It was magically stressful, mesmerizingly owesome and spiritually funny. But it was not to my fullest. Full of people from different countries, although organized by NSUE, Nigerian students’ Union in Egypt, still, it was fun.
As an executive in YOSTANEG {Yoruba Students Union in Egypt}, I have no way out to dodge the trip this time, I have to go. I tried maneuvering my way but Afelele would have broken my jaw. He is nothing but a leader, born of a leader and born to lead. I can’t just leave people alone to serve the community and I be a spectator, no, I don’t just look. I can’t ever look away.

We planned on leaving by 9am, though we announced to depart by 8, you know why? we have to consider the African people with their African time. Have you read my post on African time? If not here is the link.
I won’t forget this fat black lady, she had a bourne afro hair style, I approached her with smile, I said madam: please, your sit is in the next bus not this. She raised her eyebrow with a kind of look, but coz I threw her a radiant smile to begin with, She obeyed. Went to another bus to say the same, coming down of it, the lady called me and said, what is this rubbish, someone else asked her to return. I knew another smile won’t work, so I pretended like I was going to finish the person with a talk in his head for her.

With all the preparations, switching people from one bus to another, we left around 10am. You know what, some people are still not at our centre of departure. We have to Jawon kale, but Uber saved their day, they made it to us, so we stopped on the road for them to join the excursion.

For us it was an excursion, for some, it was a holy trip, where all the quadratic equation of their lives will be solved. I overheard someone saying, if I can not mount Arafa, lemme do this. I respect his opinion, but sharia made me laugh. I said within myself, may God accept your prayer. But then, I love it coz excursion to me is not all about looking at wonders, rather, pondering over the wonders of Allah and glorifying Him. Mountains, rivers, deserts even animals all glorify Allah, but we don’t understand their ways. I am not here to preech jare.

200 people in 4 luxurious buses, plus executives, some of us having no sit while some do. That’s a lot of numbers. The best teacher in life they say is experience, you don’t have to be the one who experienced it, just learn from other people’s experiences. I have seen people in the same bus with me, from Abuja down to Lagos, standing all their way through those kilometers. Some fall down and some stand sleep. If they would fall down, they do it on those sitting by the corridor. Pitiful but interesting to watch. Some even sleep on the floor of the luxurious, it was a nice experience for me and Afelele. 

I have been going to Sinai, maybe this should be my fourth, so I know very well what I am going there to do. My sister was with me, she was not too fine, I was responsible for her and many others as an official. We took along all sorts of people, believe me, that was a mistake I won’t make again in life. 

At this juncture, let me advice anyone planning a trip to Sinai or on any arduous journey, not to take nursing mothers and fat people along on such a trip. They are always a bone in the neck. There are also other sets of people you shouldn’t take, but I will talk about them and the reasons later.

Something terrible happened on our way going. We were still in Cairo while people started complaining a bus without AC, we under the direction of the president Mr Afelele, called for another bus with an AC for substitution. We had a stop for the bus to come and that is how another issue rose up.

In that bus without an AC, there was an infant baby crying respirodically. Sincerely speaking, I detest that, I told you before, that is another mistake from us the officials, and as the registered supervisor of the trip, I will say a big sorry to all who were discomforted by that, the cries of babies for bachelors is crazy. But Nigerians are good, no one complained, they all tried to help and that brought about the GOBE in the bus after a while. I mean strife.

What really happened? Two of the buses were already gone which I was in one, then my phone rang coz it was full of call card, picked up and heard an astonishing underground noise, I gave the phone to Afelele. Then he exclaimed…. Haaaaa, kilonsele? What’s happening over there, can someone please talk to me? He spoke all the concentrated and simple Yoruba in this world but to no avail.

I could figure out that there was a rancorous display in that bus, coz the sound I heard from the previous bus which called was of Azikiri…. They were singing and rejoicing happily, for it was full of jovial people.

We redialled the rancorical noisy bus, talked patiently, ani kilonsele? 
A name was mentioned. 
He caused it, he started it. 
What did he caused and started? 

This month is going to be all about the Sinai sagacious trip, so sit tight.

Next week, we shall continue on this, I wish to let you know now what really happened, but my ink is getting low and my paper is diminishing. I need to go to the store and get more. Thanks and stay tuned.

Have a blessed week end.

©Ibraheem {Broken§Pen}