Bestowed with a cocoa land

Inherited from Papa but not cherished

The three of us

My elder brother in the Aso bamboo

My two brothers are the Senate and the Rep

The President had it all

Dictates and gives out what he wills

So bad that we called him Abacha

Then his brother came and disrupted it all

One kobo is no longer in existence

It’s a land for all not for some

Although you are in the office but it’s for me

Why pretend I don’t exist or not important

You took it all in our names and get worst day after day

How can a few have so much why so many have none

We sit down and dream

We lie down yet no Change

We hope and preach if they will yield

It’s always the same result after vote

Mere sermon won’t stop robbers

Only force can curb their acts

Now we are on our feet

We were preoccupied with honey in our mouths

Since the day she was born till date

Here comes the Messiah, will he save us

Mum, I am really not happy at your state

I want to save you but you put me in chains

I can’t have water in my mouth and speak

Yet you mean everything to me

Although my heart’s heavy, but still have to say it
Happy Birthday Nigeria


 1st Oct 2016.