Swimming in a salty sea and come back home to shower with a salty water again is funny. No one would dare take bath with a salty water if not by prescription. The last time some people bath with salt water in Nigeria was during the Ebola alarm. I don’t know where such info desceminated from but people bath with it anyway.

If I am asked how my week was, I have no answer but to tell the truth, it’s been fun, fun and fun. Trying new things, new culture, new land, new way of life, I have always want to explore the world. Learn and see new things, information, experience, travelling is one those means. Travelling is one of my hobbies. I wish to die while all lands are in contest for me to sleep in one of them. After all, that’s where we are from.

Back at home, I have seen beaches, seas, ports; if not all that, at least I have seen rain in its gigantic form, walk in rain while I was a child, play in it, but there is something I have never tried in my life.
This problem is not mine alone, but I think most African countries don’t count swimming important, so, most children don’t know how to swim. I might not have done the studies but the percentage of people who can swim in Africa are not up to …..%. If not now that people are starting to learn how to swim and it is funny when you see them shout out loud doing it.

A visit to Mursi Matro in the beloved land of Egypt was nothing but a great picnic I ll never forget all my life. A travel I set on unplanned for, but the place was ready for me, I was actually going to visit it, but it visited me instead, changed my mood, kill my anger, quench my thirst, reset my brain to default and made my week.

Believe me, I ll like to learn swimming but I am scared of water, my same plight as marriage, scared choosing a partner. But when I marry, I must visit Mursi Matro again with my family. Of course my children must know how to dive in water.

People in Hijab swimming, with veil, Egyptian ladies are great, but coz I was shy, I had to go far away from where ladies were, and coz we traveled in a group, we choose our own potion at the sea.

All at a go, my friends jumped into it but I was reluctant coz I can not swim.
Respect is reciprocal, coming to the sea, the ocean felt my presence and was honored, it knew I don’t have much time to go around visiting people, but it was honored having Ibraheem to come feel its pure and sweet nature. So systematical and respectful, at the bank I was looking, the sea came to grab my hands and I danced with her like everyone.

The sea said don’t be scared Ibraheem, all you need do is release yourself, believing it, I did but I sunk for like 5 seconds, then clamoured for help, it threw me up again and I ran out of the water. Kilode, If you want to play, play. Why try such dangerous trick.

I don’t like been tricked, so i showed the sea the stuff i am made of, I took off my vest, dropped it at the bank, returned into it and forcefully released my self like they advised, waggle my legs like a fish tale, lunch out my hands, simultaneously pulling the water back. Who is pushing who, the more I try to fall, I fly off, while everyone swims, I fly in the water as if I am floating.

My friends told me I can’t learn swimming staying at the bank, (I can not come and kill myself and die away), I told them I’m not learning coz I knew their plan, they will try dipping me in the water. I too was stubborn, I went for it but told them not to dip me in, I mean I begged them.

I tried swimming but it is not my way, what’s the point in learning to swim if I won’t swim in the next six months. Pulled myself out of the water. On getting to the spot I put my vest, I couldn’t find it again. I am sure the water took it away. I searched for it to no avail.

Thank God it took my vest and not me. It already took my younger brother Majeed last year, we lost him to a river in Kaduna. Probably he couldn’t control himself again while he lost the strength to return.


Swimming needs a lot of strength so don’t go too far if you feel strength-less in water. Learn to swim, it is a good thing, but if you don’t know how to swim, don’t go near water.

Water calls you in a seductive way and by the time you feel exotic, you have just few minutes to say your last words.
The breeze at the sea is good, it gives you a refreshen life. Are you sad, are you depressed, are you planning something important, go there and restrategize, I bet you, you ll find your way.

©Broken Pen