You don’t need send a spy
It is all about my pie
My egg is still on fry
I shook hand with a guy
We met and exchanged hi
Together we looked at the sky
Begging no one but The High
The field is getting dry
I’m not good in saying bye
I say bye when people die
With him I wish I fly
I tried and try and try
My soul to him is tie
But with time I came by
With him I cannot ply
Laced with tears my eye
For the union is goodbye
For the ram we planned so -sly-
Let it live! No one say aye
With soap the body’s dy
All blades on it start to vie
The other goats ask why
I cannot help but sigh
As I sighed I also spry
Animals are neighbors of thy
When they die I cry
With it I made meat pie
For those afar and nigh

©Ibraheem Broken Pen.