It is very funny, when you don’t have teeth and you want to chew a meat, where as some have teeth but no meat to chew.

It is the festive period here and there, those in Hajj are busy chanting their gratification and answer to the call of their Lord, but fortunately for those not on Hajj, all they could is not limited to praising Allah alone, they still give charity just like any other times, keep the family ties, talk to friends afar and at nigh. That will earn them multiple reward than if it were in other days out of this first ten days or let me say in this month for it is one of the four months in Islam with honorary certificate from Allah.

As a student studying far away from family, you definitely will want to be with them if you have the means, at least you will miss your mum if not any other person, nonetheless, there are friends who travel home for Nikkah and other stuff, but for me, Nigeria is what she is now.

No matter how Nigerians lament the negative side of the change mantra which I believe will make Nigeria and not mar it coupled with our readiness to let change begin from our inner selves, all believing it is a gradual process which will give us a full light one day with patience, Yet many students travelled home for the Eid Celebration. Meaning if the CHANGE is yet to get to you, be patient, the rice really sells, and it is not just online. I mean it.

I was at home the last summer, very interesting and resounding, I can’t fully grab the collections of the merry memories. But I remembered I travelled on the day of Eid with my friends. I choose the Eid day coz I don’t want to participate in the ram killing process, I just want to eat it. Believe me if you have this type of mindset, you can’t change Nigeria.

Just like now, I initially planned not to travel but I did and did not regret it. How won’t you enjoy the company of parents, siblings, families, neighbours you’ve seen for over a year? What about going on hunting. Lagosians don’t have a bush to hunt in. Abi se na Amukoko, Badia or Ijesha you won go hunt?

If you are not a Lagosian, I wonder how you will have a taste of what those who travel to their home towns are having, when you remain in Lagos. Truly, Lagos is not too different from Cairo during the festive periods. I was born and brought up in Lagos and I love Lagos, AJ City to be precised. But then no matter how nice Cairo is, I’ll always prefer celebrating in Lagos to Cairo.

Forget about getting bus easily during the festive period in Cairo, if you don’t buy your food stuff two or three days before the Eid, you might be begging for maggi and salt from your neighbours, and if they are like you too, maybe you can eat fino and soft drink all through Eid period. So where is the spirit of Eid?

To know how we feel here, it is a custom in Cairo for foreigners to go back home after Salat to surf the internet or sleep all their day. Better still, some serious students will go and read, call their families abroad maybe and at night wake up to start their own new day. In cairo, night is meant for outing and the day is meant to sleep. You know, drinking hot tea in hot weather and cold tea in winter.

A friend called me this morning from Nigeria to ask for her meat in advance and I laughed, meat! I asked how Nigeria is, she said: fine.

I could hear a sound, she said she is standing somewhere at the bus stop waiting for the rain to stop before continuing her outing. Just two days to Eid, I doubt if it won’t rain on Monday. I really don’t like rain on Eid days…. Cairo is really sunny these days but still prefer sun to rain on a day like this.

I don’t like rain on Eid day but I want to be at home, the sun will be too much but I’ve got no choice even if my mind is not in Cairo. Let Cairo owns my body, but Nigeria owns my soul. If not for the rain, I would have catched the next flight. How much is it just 170,000 naira, chicken change. How much is ram for una side?

The rain pissed me off… well it is a blessing from God that will enhance the harvest of those who return to farm in this time of Change.

Wherever you are, however your pocket is, slaughtering ram or not, enjoy your Eid. Play around, visit friends, terminate your anger towards your brother. Taqabballallahu Minna Jami’an.

Let us rejoice indeed, coming is the day of Eid

Rising up like the weed, everywhere on the field

Eat and eat be filled, to your God you plead

Give your friend in need, your household you feed

Shaytan do not heed, He is far from creed

Let your ram to bleed, after the prayer you deed

Return home in speed, and phone your friend in swede

©Ibraheem Broken Pen