Sit back down a bit..

The drum I wanna beat

The month I want to greet

Dhul Qa’da is our myth

Love gather us in it

In Makka I set my feet


In faith we come this far

To say Allah Akbar

To serve Allah together

The blacks from Africa

So are those from Asia

The white and The Barbara


It’s the Sunna of Ibraheem

We do this not for him

Revealed to him in dream

Ismail Your son – You grim

In the wish of God Ar Raheem

He substitute him like film


Heed Oh servant of The Grand

The best ten days have land

Of Dua leave no brand

To The Grand – Spread your hand

Your brother do not sland

Together at the island


Please, Delay not your soul

Repentance is your goal

In Makka or in the hole

Labbaik as you stroll

To Shaitan your stone should roll

And thank Allah as you scroll


At Hajj or at Home

In Makka or in Rome

Refresh your brain like chrome

Say O Allah! I foam

Out of my sins like loam

Forgive me as I roam

©Ibraheem Broken Pen