​There was a room he secluded from all his house holds, none of them is allowed going near the room except him. He does not enter too. No one goes near the room, I told you not even him. 
I know what you might be thinking about, a room for ritual stuff, Maybe he deals in an illegal business and dont want anyone to know. No….
He was a pious believing man of God. What’s the purpose of this room then?

Every time he prays the obligatory Salat, he throws a pebble into this room to signifies I have prayed today. He opens the door and throws the pebble into the room then shut it. What an interesting man he was. He does this everyday. Mashaallah, that means in five days, 25 pebbles, that is more than the pebbles three people will normally throw at shaytan in Hajj, never forget, this is not a pebble at Shaytan rather a submission in form of attendance in front of his Lord.

This man did this for over 30 years… You can do the mathematics yourself. 

But be careful when Shaytan comes to whisper in your heart, he says you are the best, no one can be like you, look at those people who doesn’t pray often, hell fire is sure for them… You are better than they are, far better, nothing can they do to attain your height in the sight of Allah. You are  Waliyy. Whenever you feel like this, be careful coz Shaytan is playing with your soul.

Allah made this man sleep one day; he had a dream, he saw in his dream something terrible…. It was like the resurrection day has come. In his dream, Allah commanded the angels to throw this man in hell, but he was too sure Paradise that paradise will be his abode….
He exclaimed, Oh Lord! Why is this my end after all I’ve done to please you?
You have no right to put me in this bad place, I served you enough. I should not even be thanking you for putting me in paradise, coz that’s my right.
I prayed for over 30 years, fast and and and….. I even have a room where I throw pebbles for every Salah.

Hold on, Oh Angels, open the door of his pebble’s room, while the door was opened…. Did they find a tipper of gravels, sorry pebbles? 
Only one pebble was found in it, don’t be surprised. Subhanallah..
Maybe that is the only one Salah accepted from this man. Who knows?

Then he said, Allah commanded them to remove one of his eyes, and weighed it with all his so called good deeds….
On weighing the one eye, His good deeds bounced up.
That’s just an eye, what if it was the two, what if the blessing of the hears were to be weighed, tongue, speaking, hands, legs, smell, walk,,,,,,don’t even let me mention the blessing of life and sound health….

Don’t be too sure!
Just like a businessman strives to get more money should you thank Allah, just like a serious student strives to know more, going through the stress of reading to attain a degree in bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorate, should you strive to be a great and obedient servant of Allah.
What you think is great might be little and the little to you might be mighty in Allah’s sight. Never stop striving….

Don’t let all your life be of worldly affairs alone, what good is your wealth if not blessed by Allah, don’t think your blessing is in your bank account, your houses, your cars, children, parents, position; one of them could be your reason to go astray a times, they could be your test, even your knowledge could be the cause of your Dhalal…
It has been said….

I did not see a wealthy man as been successful
But the pious one is the successful

Whatever you do, don’t be too sure, just keep doing it and ask Allah for perfection or let me say betterment, then His acceptance.

And worship your Lord until your demise.
Suratul Hijr. Q15 vs 99.

©Ibraheem Olanrewaju.