Everyday we wake and go back to bed at night, We have wishes on our minds we wanna execute the following day or the nearest future, but all lies in the hands of God either we like it or not.

The poor wants to be rich, the rich wants to be richer, the average wants to be the best or second to none. Some strive just to see their names on the list of Guinness Book Of Records.

The barren wants to have a child, some even out of frustration pray for a lame, they say a child is a child, O God! just give me any.

No matter how many our children are, no one wants to lose one. Yet, there is nothing we can do about it if anything happens to them, after all , we are all going to die one day.

There are seven sides in this world, right-left-up-down-front-back—- Death is the seventh.
There are days when we are happy and some when we are not, not only man have this feeling. In case you have the feeling you are a free minded one and don’t care about anything, or you still don’t have any responsibility, I ll advice you to own a pet. Not a dangerous one though, It sounds horrible when someone says my pet is a monkey. Everyone has a choice anyway. Yours could be a panda.
Owning a pet is not that difficult in Africa, you can always pick one on the street; in the Western world, they don’t come for cheap, but to us, they are God’s gift from above. After all, Africa is rich or should I say the richest continent, I pray we find a way out of our slumbering.
I also would advice whoever wanna enter the marital life institution to learn the sense of responsibility from owning a pet, maybe that will help a bit in addition to whatever experiences and sermons you could get on how to choose and take care of your belongings, especially your wife.
If you are good in taking care of pets, why not your own spouce and blood after that. Believe me, no one will graduate from that school. It is either death or divorce and the second means failure regardless whose fault. On the wedding day, they say say “for better for worse”. But now the rhythm we here is for worse for go.
I knew my cat was pregnant but I was too far away from her. On my return, I found out some people are really taking good care of her in my absence. I was too busy to attend to her even on my arrival. Two days after, I went out to do some cores, but on my return… She had put to bed.
I was so happy and glamorous, but don’t know when a drop rolled down my freshy cheek as I was told the second died.

I said “how”?, I was told she gave birth to twince on the road, then I felt guilty; I whispered within my mind blaming myself, “if u were around, you would have been of help and maybe nothing would have happened to her”.

Of coz destiny has its ways but I really was touched.
What cat would give birth to just two kittens?, a friend exclaimed! I was expecting more than that, but maybe because she was still a virgin and new in the system, this is the first time she is putting to bed, she’s also full of pride coz of her beauty, so many cats in the neighbourhood don’t just approach her any how. Funny right. Anyway she’s matured now.
The death of a child is nothing but a sorrowful fire to parents, i could see her reaction, overwhelmed in sadness, water laced her eyes, weakness was her portion through out the day, i pitied her coz she was crying from the inside but no one could see her tears.
But then, it is a cat, isn’t it?. Believe me, it meant more than a kitten to me. Coz I was planning to give one of them out as a gift to nanabee (Aisha). {She is a bosom childhood friend of mine and a cat lover].
When parents give their children’s hand out in marriage, I still have no answer to where they got the courage to do that?, -an angel she’s been nurturing since when, kept her awake all nights for years, blow her nose and make up for her, pick her up when she falls, train her to walk as a toddler, take her to school in sun and rain, sleep in the hospital with her while sick, fall sick for the child if possible, go extra miles in the name of my child, do whatever job no matter how ridiculed to put food on the table; then one guy will just come and say, hey, give her to me she’s no longer yours-….. OLAGBARA.

No wonder most African parents cry on their children’s wedding day.
After a while, I was thinking, who impregnated her, how could he have left her alone, what husband won’t be around in such a scene…. Bla-bla-bla

The thinking of marriage took all over my head but I’m still single so I don’t really know much. I hope I’ll be a good husband one day. I definitely will be by her side and so help me God.

If the one who impregnated my cat is not available during her delivery, then all irresponsible husbands are no difference. Not different from animals I mean.
For what do you want to be remembered after you are gone. Remembrance is your second chance to life, no more. A good father, mother, husband, friend, teacher, neighbour or the other one. Even a good pet is always remembered, where are you in comparison?.
Experience is everywhere near everything around you, just look into it deeply and you would find a solution. The one who thought man how to burry the death was a BIRD. Now a cat is teaching me a lesson of life. Look around you and you will always find a solution to your problem. Who or what do you live with?
I hope this will enhance and bring about a change in the life of people who don’t care about themselves not to talk of others. If you dont care about today, does tomorrow matters?, and if you don’t learn today, how would you live tomorrow.

Have a lovely and thoughtful week end.

©Ibraheem Broken Pen