No matter how illuminated the room is, it is always dark. No matter how delicious the food is, they don’t have appetite, even if an air conditioning machine is installed, the room is always a Hell.

I remember a day when one of my teachers told me we had to pray for someone who was wrongly accused and was kept behind the bars.
Today while thinking about it, my thoughts are reaffirmed that some in prison are been punished for crimes they never committed. Many are in prison and are there by mistake.

In the world of democracy where freedom is the theme of the game, people are technically not free, some inmates in Nigeria are raided at night by the police and jailed just because he is taking a walk at night.
I actually have not went through the Nigerian law of -outing-, so i don’t know if there is an exact time when one should move around if there is no curfew. I don’t know the case in your country.

I asked myself! Why do people have to go to prison, it sounds like a funeral letter of a living body. You are dead before death comes, with the awareness WHO is disseminating about AIDS, people seems to live fine now, but prison, the thinking kills faster. You ain’t a prisoner, so you can’t really understand much about it.I have never visited a prison before, but now I want to. Of course, i have committed no crime, i’m just going to visit some inmates maybe.

Exactly, 8th July 2016, I visited Salaudeen Qal’a in Egypt, it is in form of a museum but had an illustrated prison of how a prison looked then in the past before the 20th century. Maybe because it was no more a real prison, I was a bit touched, but what we hear these days about prisons is worse by comparison. If you have a soft mind, you might shed tears watching Prison Break, but the fact remains, it is a film, you still won’t be that touched. At least check the world ranking of worse prisons in the world, fortunately or should i say unfortunately, not a prison in Nigeria is rated among, definitely, no prison will be tagged good, house arrest for government officials is not what we are talking about. Only people who have someone there can tell or the prisoner himself.

Even if people commit crimes and need to be punished for it, ideologically, that’s accepted, but that does not mean they can’t change. Why not give them a prepared second chance with enhancement. I am just saying. Of coz I know some people are not ready to change, but who knows what tomorrow holds.

The Nigerian home movie has given a very good insightful insight of what people go through in the prison. Mental abuse, physical abuse of the accused and criminals, food that even a goat would ignore are been fed to human beings. Are prisons meant for people to rut in there?.

In courts, after pronouncing the years of imprisonment, you hear an additional phrase, “with a hard labour”.
I don’t know if that is a tautology as I am not a student of English language. But adding “hard” to labour sounds catastrophe. Prisoners are not going to join the army, why go through that hardly sophisticated training, sorry, i mean TORTURE, which at the end of the day has no purpose and would mean nothing.

In countries like Australia, 20% of prisoners return from prison useful to themselves and the community. That’s the aim of punishment in this world. To me 20% is still not acceptable but it is a good start.
When one is punished for a crime he committed or did not commit, he is expected to be a changed fellow. The former should not return to the sin and the later should be careful not to be a victim the next time.

I wish Nigeria government could invent a learning program for those in prisons, in there; are some students, I feel their education should not stop, coz I don’t believe anyone should be deprived of that, subjecting people to ignorance constitute more violence in the society. Of course, Violence and insubordination is one the crimes to be imprisoned. But believe me, knowledge is the first step towards that.
Let them learn in the prison for the time been and see if they will change or not.
Some prisoners are artisans, why not make facilities available for them to continue improving their skills, thereby they return still useful and not useless.

Of coz some crimes have death as their only penalty, i still will enjoy the government to create more awareness on that so that people won’t fall for the trap.

I think youth are the number one ranking prisoners’ figure by statistics in my beloved country, maybe they are ignorant of what they do i am not sure, but i think the government should imbibe some general laws in the syllabus students learn in school, from their primary level all through to the university level, not only law students should know those, like the saying goes.. No one is an ignorant of law.. But people are already made ignorant about laws. Then what should we expect?

Knowing the laws is not enough, morals should also be treated the same way, our cultural teachings should be resurrected also, our so call elites need to contribute to the morally lost acts of the ages. Uncountable lawyers are also in prison, not because they don’t know the law, but because they lack morals.
How many laws are we thought, how many enjoyable morals have we neglected, when one does not learn, how would he know. By revelation? I doubt that.

Prison is prison, but the reason for being there is different, the difference between Muhammad Buhari ending up in prison and Shina Rambo is evident, so not everyone in the prison needs to be cried over as if they are dead, rather some of them need many rounds of applauds again and again.
I give kudos to all those standard bearers in the world who are in the prison coz of the masses. History will never forget you.

As for folks in prison, i will say, hang in there, reflect, repent and be reformed. As the case may be, I pray justice comes to light and that truth prevails. No matter how long goes the night, the sun will surely rise.
I don’t wish for prison, not for myself and not for you.

©Broken Pen