The mosque is a place where you worship Allah. The Sharia had decreed that you worship only Allah in the Mosque and that is why the scholars of Fiqh deduced that whoever leaves his house to the mosque and is Riya free then he has prayed,while if not then Not.

The masjid is comprised not only of the building, of coz the building is where all activities hold, it is very important and that the prophet may Allah be pleased with him had to established Mosque before anything while he got to Madinah.

The Mosque was the court, school, house of assembly, parliament, senate house and was the home of many activities.
Activities as sermons, rulings, classes, hifz, meetings, politics even exercises and many more not to talk of the main and first purpose, Salat.

The Mosque and Salat are twins, They can’t be separated even if people wanted it separated and of coz they works towards that but Allah’s Nur can’t be de-illuminated.

The Masjid must remain clean of dirts and filthy things, it should be well kept and tidied up. There is nothing wrong in placing perfumes and nice air fresheners in the mosque. This is why the Sunnah prohibits whoever ate Onion from entering the mosque at the time as its odour could disturb others even though eating it is Halal.

There are basically two types of Masjid. The built Mosque that we see around and the other Mosque which is the basis. The Soul.
It must be cleansed too, if not then all you do in the mosque believing it is prayer is nothing but a waste. A clean and pure soul is the one that really worships Allah.
If the Mosque is clean and the soul is not then it’s a waste, so is if the soul is clean and the mosque is not, your prayer could be problematic.

Of coz, Your cloth,Your Mosque (place of prayer) and Your body must be purified before your prayer could be accepted. If you ask what is your body? A body comprises of the physical appearance and the hidden Soul. There is no body without soul. A “Body” without “Soul” is simply useless. Probably dead and what’s with a dead body…. Any dead body….
Most times the body (physical outlook) has nothing much to do to Allah, of coz he created it in the best form, thank Him over that! But the soul matters as it’s the abode of Taqwa (Piousness).

Therefore, Purify your soul for it is your real Masjid. How many are times when we pray on the road while on travels or trips,  in the bush and deserts. I remember praying on mountain. You know why? Because everywhere is a mosque for the Muslim as said by the prophet except some places ruled out, this article is not for that.
But one thing stands, no matter where you are praying, the main Masjid which is your Soul must always be Purified.

O You Body’s Slave, till when will you apply make ups…
What gain is there in what will soon fade out

Care about your soul and mind your mandates…..
For You really are Your Soul and not your body.

O Allah bless us with Pure Majid and Purify our Soul.

Ibraheem Olanrewaju.