Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.
Many have failed on their journey to achieving something coz they are not patient enough.
Study, friendship, brotherhood, society, marriage and many more are issues which patience is one of the bedrock and backbone to their success.
But when patience is lost failure follows.
A boss at a place of work should be very patient on his employees or those officials that are lower in rank to him. After all patience is one of the greatest attributes and characteristics of leaders.

Being a father or a mother, son or daughter, none of it is easy thereby needing them all to be patient on one another. To understand each other patience is very important. Impatience would make a child thinks his father loves his brother than him even if that is glaring, but if he is patient he might be able to see if there’s a mistake from his own angle towards His parent.
The same for fathers and mothers who feel the spirit of hatred towards them from their children, but if they are mindful and patient then iron things out between themselves, the way will be illuminated.

Patience is light unlike impatience which will make things go wrong and make you look like a looser.
One of the answers to the corruption phobia in any society is due to the lack of patience of the people holding higher posts. If the looters are patient they won’t steal people’s properties that belongs to all. Why can somebody have so much unlawfully while so many have none.

On the other hand, the masses also need to be patient on the their government’s decision making to the betterment of their lives. We are no longer in the prophetic age so no one should expect any form of miracle.
I am not saying people should not speak out their minds when they see fit to do so, but peacefully and patiently. But when impatience from both side is in equilibrium and the corrupt minds are telepathic, then the world will be in mess.

Knowledge is attained through patience. Rushing to become a professor who has fame will only make you are professor who is lame. Lame in his knowledge and an empty calabash. Don’t rush in your course but move with the expected alacrity with a judiciously well planned time. Patience also mean struggle in its time for a greater picture.

A family with a crazy wife and husband is definitely catastrophic. Whereby the wife is crazy and the husband is cool headed, it might be manageable but could crush if not treated. If the husband is a wife beater then I will advice the wife after a long patience and fearful of her life to complain and voice out for law to rescue her.
But what is as sweet as patiently selecting a spouse who will togetherly enter the marriage institution with you without regret by the grace of Allah.

Relying patiently on Allah is the only way out of all trials of life. Patiently understanding each other, creating a way out for one another, try to lay excuses for others just to give them another chance of retry. All these and more are way out of troubles of life in the light of patience.

In your religion patience on others. For Allah is with those who are patient. Don’t condemn each other rather patiently correct what you see is wrong with knowledge, wisdom and respect. Encouraging others on what is good needs patience and consistent prayer.

Patience on hunger is also a very important aspect of patience that must be thoroughly looked into but this article is just to touch some aspect I see many fall in and I am not a saint just like you.
Don’t rush into looking for money through any means. Be patient and look for wealth through a Halal ( lawful )means. And repeat always and always… O Allah, make me be contented with your Halal and not Haram, and enrich me above poverty.

One of the questions I have not been able to provide a full answer is the power in the patience to overlook those who err us again and again.
I don’t think it is love coz love could fade out, what of overlooking the deeds of those we don’t know or those we don’t really love as much but forgive them, not money coz money can’t buy everything at all time.

One of the attributes and names of Allah is As Sabur meaning The Patient One. Let’s borrow from the name and act by it it’s meaning and teaching. Those who are patient will definitely find their way.

Ibraheem Olanrewaju.