The Nigerian Students’ Union In Egypt has been another home of exposure to all the children she mother; Through her excursions and educative programs. One of it is the past trip to Sinai.

I love to see mountains, leaves, greenery and all sorts of beautiful things, maybe that’s Y I go learn Photoshop. I call them wonders of God.

This last trip was sagaciously sagacious. As it curtains a very unimaginable experience, it was a platform where I met different people from different countries and of course some others from my country but from different tribes, states, villages, and their dialect were so unique.

I don’t want my article to be too long and at the same time I wanna express my feelings and happiness. One funny thing about the trip was that, it doesn’t look just as an excursion, as we proceed, it looked like we were on an ultimate search for something. To some it was their first time to a foreign land inside a foreign soil.

Then I realized that some travelers don’t know where they are going, and some foreigners don’t really know where they are.

I believe no one should behave any how any where and everywhere especially on a foreign land, but some took the trip like a holy trip and as we climbed the mount Sinai they took it personal and made it crazilly spiritual.

Men are of different believes, ideologies, exposures and level of understanding, so you need to be tolerant and accommodating. As an official on the trip coz I am the P.R.O of the Union, I had a lot on my shoulder just like my colleagues, we actually were tired but we tried our best to make it look colourful and it was all fun to and fro.

All thanks to God, He made us go through the odds like a passing wind in the desert of no trees.

At this juncture, I wanna narrate in a jiffy how the trip was. We left at night and came back the following night. Many still look forward to going another time, I still have the intention of going with them for we had fun and wanna see the mountain again the last time.

Ibraheem Olanrewaju