Still in the month of Ramadan, the month of repentance and forgiveness.

The prophet had said this second part of Ramadan is all about forgiveness, if Allah forgives why don’t we. Look at the great sins you’ve committed yet you still gain Allah’s forgiveness and mercy after that, why won’t you forgive those who err you.

Bernard Shaw said ” Be careful of the man you hit and did not retaliate, he won’t forgive you and won’t allow you forgive yourself”.

That is his view but not of a Muslim who went through a school call Ramadan. Forgiveness is a great attribute of any believing man, as it is abusive for someone whose idea is all about anger and revenge; whereas a common sense and good nature of man is pure heartedness and overlooking others’ error.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean stupidity or foolishness rather it is boldness. Yes, when you are wronged, you would feel the pain but nonetheless you will move on whether you like it or not, but by forgiving those who wrong you, you will have a better future. Some say I will forgive you but won’t forget what you did to me, it is also a way of saying I can’t forgive you.

Allah’s forgiveness and His pleases is all we need in life to attain anything in this life and the afterlife. When one attains forgiveness he’s gain all things.

Children make mistakes, parents misjudged atimes, husbands might not be very careful, wives could be non attentive sometimes. Some lecturers are sadists, some students might be ill mannered, bosses could be angry out of low income, employee could be care free when he is in need of his salary; all these and more could lead to one hating or at least misunderstanding each other BUT if we provide excuses for one another, this life is simple.

In the Quran “overlook others’ mistake and open a new leaf, don’t you want to be forgiven. Meaning if you forgive others, you ll be forgiven too inshaallah. Don’t end this part of Ramadan except that you have forgiven and reconcile with those who you are not in good terms with. And don’t forget Allah is oft forgiven, he forgives whatever sin one has committed except for Shirk and continuously say.. Astagfirullah.

Forgiveness is an understandable language all over the world, even the animals forgive each other, why not man, why not YOU.

Ibraheem Olanrewaju.